“Bulgaria 2nd National Treatment Sludge Seminar” was held under the main sponsorship of INEVA

Standing out for its innovative applications in the field of treatment sludge disposal, INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri, met with participants at the “2nd National Treatment Sludge Seminar” held in Starosel Complex-Bulgaria on September 27-28. In the meeting where Ministry of Environment and Water Affairs experts, representatives of energy and water regulation commission, Water and Sewerage Administrations (SKI) managers and waste water treatment plant managers together with 95 participants participated, the main sponsorship of the conference, in which the subjects of “energy recovery from treatment sludge, treatment sludge disposal methods, waste management planning and legislation” processes were addressed, was undertaken by INEVA.

INEVA, which uses treatment sludges harmful to the environment and need to be disposed of as a valuable energy source in its technology, has presented the model of the facility that can produce electrical energy by using treatment sludge under biomass as a renewable energy source to the attention of the participants. 

Speaking at the conference, INEVA Sales and Marketing Division Manager Oral Çimsöken quoted as follows: “Treatment sludge is a waste that carries dangerous viruses and must absolutely be disposed of sustainably. In our system where we use fluidized bed technology as an open and innovative approach according to the Best Available Techniques Reference Document on Waste Incineration (BAT - BREF) of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau, we process treatment sludge at high temperatures and safely remove harmful substances in the ecological cycle. With the energy recovery method we use in our facility, we prevent the use of fossil fuels and the disposal of wastes into the storage areas and also prevent the release of methane. We can also provide hot water or steam energy during this process. While the direct use of the steam energy is possible, it can be converted into electrical energy by adding turbines if desired.”

Stating that, in one on one interviews in the conference with Deputy Minister of Regional Development Malina Krumova, Director of Environment and Water Affairs Administration of Plovdiv Region Assoc. Prof. Stefan Şilev and Head of the Chamber of Water Affairs of Bulgaria Eng. Ivan Ivanov, at the point where Bulgaria needs treatment sludge solutions, INEVA solutions, which are fully domestic technology, attracted great attention, Oral Çimsöken said that, “As INEVA, we have been in Bulgaria for 3 years and we are very welcome. Bulgaria is in a transformation and has obligations to dispose of waste without storing in accordance with the European Union directives. We are also one of the biggest supporters of our neighbor and treatment sludge sector in this respect. Our domestic and national technology is now the best solution.”